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At Pasic Law, we focus our employment law practice on the zealous advocacy of employee rights in California. We represent employees who are:

  • Discriminated on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, or disability

  • Misclassified

  • Denied wages including overtime, meal and rest breaks, or commissions

  • Sexually harassed

  • Wrongfully terminated 

  • Retaliated against for blowing the whistle or speaking up against their employer's illegal conduct

  • Injured and/or

  • Who had their privacy rights violated or their character defamed 

In addition to fighting for employee rights, at Pasic Law we also stress the importance of claim prevention and early intervention to avoid costly employment disputes which can and should be avoided for the benefit of employer and employee alike. In that regard, we provide employers compliance advice with most up-to-date state and federal laws and services including drafting and revising employee handbooks and company policies and advising on best practices in the areas of independent contractor/employee distinctions, disability accommodations, workplace harassment, equal pay, layoffs, involuntary terminations, employee severance and non-compete agreements, and diversity and inclusion.


When litigation cannot be avoided, we use our knowledge of employment laws and our extensive experience in the courtroom to advocate and fight for our clients strategically from inception through trials and appeals.


After filing a motion for summary judgment, obtained a client-favored settlement on behalf of a planning and financial employer in a lawsuit brought by a former employee alleging he had been misclassified as exempt. 

Represented PAGA-aggrieved workers through trial and appeal alleging their employer had misclassified them as independent contractors and denied them Cal Labor Code and IWC Wage order protections and benefits. 

Obtained a client-favored settlement in a wrongful termination lawsuit brought by former employee.

Negotiated a client-favored separation agreement with severance and non-disparagement clauses, and minimized the reach of the non-complete clause.

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